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Inner Kiddos Club 

Welcome to the Inner Kiddos Club, a
tight-knit community of fun-loving, positive, and devious little degens.

Reunite with your Inner Kiddo, help a real-life
child, and embark on your own NFT journey
today! You're gonna go far, kiddo!

Welcome to the Inner Kiddos Club, atight-knit community of fun-loving, positive, and devious little degens.
Re-unite your Inner Kiddo, help a real-lifeChild,
and embark on your own NFT journeyTODAY.

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Meet The Inner Kiddos Club!

10,000 Unique Inner Kiddos

With over 120 traits and 10,000 generativity created unique characters, the Inner Kiddos Club is home to a diverse group of devious little mischief makers.

Mint Price & Date

Mint date: April 10th, 2023
Mint Price: 0.01 ETH Pre-sale, 0.015 ETH Public mint
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It's too easy to get lost in the "work" of life and forget how to play.

IKC is a place to connect, create, and experience the wonder of life and NFTs through the eyes of your Inner Kiddo!

About Us

How We Got Here

The Beginning
Tier 2

The Inner Kiddos Club NFT project was born out of curiosity and wonder surrounding NFTs. Having heard the term "non-fungible token" and read headlines, the founders dove in headfirst to get their hands dirty. Blown away by NFT's ability to bring people together and inspire creativity and collaboration, sitting on the sidelines wasn't an option.

If you're reading this, you're early! NFTs are still in their infancy, just like the Inner Kiddos Club. This is a club for people new to NFTs and ready to get their feet wet. This is a community for traders who are looking for their next investment. And this is a community for artists, creators, and designers who are ready to unlock the potential of NFTs and experience the magic themselves!

Tier 2

There's always a story behind creation. This is ours.

Deep within the jungle, in a sterile and remote laboratory, a brilliant discovery was made by scientists working on a dark and insidious project.

Ruled by the cruel Overlord who was driven by greed and glory, the objective was to increase productivity at any cost and force adults to work longer and harder than ever before. Finally, they found a way to do it.

By removing the "inner child" from grown adults, they were able to create almost lifeless humanoids who lived only to work. But the inner children they removed had to go somewhere…

The rest of the story will be revealed throughout the 3 phases of the Inner Kiddos’ rescue.

Mint Phases
Tier 2

The Inner Kiddos Club mint is broken up into three phases and has surprises built into each phase.

The first phase is the "Jungle Phase" and follows the first 3.000* Inner Kiddos entrapment by the Overlord into the Jungle.

The second phase is the "Aqua Phase", where 3.000 more Inner Kiddos are liberated from being held in an underwater prison near the ocean floor.

And finally, the Inner Kiddos Club is going to the MOON to rescue the remaining 4.000 Kiddos and put a stop to the Overlord's evil plans.

Each phase corresponds to giveaways, activities, and community initiatives. We can't wait to share this journey with you!

*Please note: 250 tokens are withheld for marketing activities and the support team!

The Heroes
Tier 2

Hidden in each phase resides a very, very rare 1/1 token known as an IKC Hero. They're styled after each phase and are crucial elements of the IKC lore.

It takes guts, skill, and lots of luck to snag one of these valuable kiddos that are so important, so courageous, and so rare.

Join us in an exciting journey filled with community, giveaways, and charity. Reunite with your own Inner Kiddo, help a real-life child, and embark on your own NFT journey!



IKC Roadmap

The Jungle
  • Enter the NFT Jungle

  • Uncover the Toybox

  • Help REAL LIFE Kiddos

  • Engage!

  • Spread the LOVE!

The Deep
  • Playspace Created

  • 10 Member Created
    Pieces Collected

  • Rarity Info Released

  • Daily Prompts!

  • Aqua Hero Surprise

  • Marketing Madness!

The Moon
  • Toybox Stocked

  • After School Club
    plans begin

  • Kiddos VIP Club Unleashed

  • Beyond the MOON?!

  • Community Driven Initiatives

Welcome to the Jungle

Early bird gets the worm!

  • Enter the Jungle of NFTs by rescuing an Inner Kiddo (or 5)! Bonus points for collecting one of every background!

  • The "Toybox" opens!

    The Toybox functions as a community wallet of sorts for members on their IKC journey, with a little twist.

    It will be filled with 1/1 art, NFTs from other projects, and ETH that will be distributed to members as they participate in club sponsored activities like prompts and activities. Some of the art in the toybox will come from our very own community!

    We hope to be the first to buy some of our members' NFTs and help them get their start creating in Web 3!

  • IKC will help kiddos in real life via the Inner Kiddos Charity Club, initially funded by 10% of the mint and thereafter receiving an ongoing percentage of secondary sales revenue. 100% of the fund will go to "Heroes of the 3rd Floor" charity initially, helping children with cancer. Then, the community will determine the next causes to help!

  • Engage with your inner child! Engagement in the fun world of IKC looks like participating in competitions, community activities, and creative prompts designed to help you unleash your own inner child! As adults we tend to take things too seriously. We're getting back to the basics.

  • Spread positivity through Twitter and Linkedin, helping others unleash their Inner Kiddo. The best thing about joy is sharing it!

Into The Deep


  • Get your feet wet with being an NFT creator and make your own 1/1 NFT art, share it on IKC Art Wall, and even auction it off – IKC will be the first to buy many members’ art! Exciting right!?

  • An IKC token is a digital collectible with various traits that have a variety of rarities. Collecting one of every solid background color allows you access to the Inner Kiddos VIP Club* (effective in Moon Phase)… So be sure to collect your favorites!

  • Participating and hosting competitions, community activities, and charitable impact is our regular routine in Phase 2!

  • The Aqua Hero appears and has prepared a special surprise for our loyal holders – you won’t want to miss it!

  • IKC members continue to contribute creativity and positivity to NFT Twitter and beyond. In this phase we'll launch an exciting IKC "member marketing competition" where the best promotions will be handsomely rewarded – strut your creative stuff and let the games begin!

  • The "Playspace" is a community driven portfolio of the NFT and artwork created by Inner Kiddos Club members! Member work is featured on it's own section of our webpage, to help members gain exposure and show off their IKC creativity!

    *The IKC VIP Club is formed in Phase 3, the moon phase and will be formed according to community input.

To Tha Moon


  • By the time we set our sights on the moon, the Toybox will be fully stocked with 1/1 pieces from IKC holders, as well as funds for the next IKC creations / competitions /  & giveaways.

  • In phase 3, the Inner Kiddos Club has become like the best after-school club we all wish we had growing up, conveniently located in the magical land of NFTs.

    Get ready for the Moon Phase, where we bring back that nostalgic after-school feeling with "The Kiddoverse", where we will launch ourselves into one of the well-known metaverses. There, our community will create an unbelievable digital experience straight from the future where we can explore Web 3 in a whole new way.

  • At long last we can open the Inner Kiddos VIP club that gives you unique opportunity to engage with and enjoy special benefits and perks as the owner of IKC VIP tokens. (1 VIP token = 5 IKC tokens with different backgrounds).

  • When all 10k kiddos are free and have landed to the moon... there comes another adventure… The next chapter to the story of the Inner Kiddos… Are you ready?!




Each and every phase includes a sizeable charity donation.
Upon selling out, over 50 ETH will be redistributed to various charity organizations voted on by the community!


Reinvestment into the community is a core value of the Inner Kiddos Club.
This looks like competitions, prizes, connections, and events. Upon selling out, over 100 ETH will be redistributed to the community in fun, engaging ways: we can’t wait to give back to our frens!


One of our chief aims is to surprise and delight our community, while helping people reconnect with their Inner Kiddos. Life can be hard being a grown up, but through the Inner Kiddos Club we can spread a little joy and light!


We're a community-first and community-driven project.
Our roadmap remains under construction and will be further amended by community votes and involvement!


Meet Our Team

Alfa Kiddo

Founder and one of the masterminds behind the project. He lives his life by a simple motto: “Live your life through your inner child!

Creature Kiddo

Creature Kiddo is a deviant and writer who’s launched himself into the NFT space after seeing the power of positive communities. "Life doesn’t have to be a grind: it can be a wild adventure when you see the world through the eyes of your Inner Kiddo."

Support Staff

Artists, creators, friends and family that work behind the scenes, building each other up and spreading child-like optimism and positivity.


Frequent Questions

What is the Inner Kiddos Club (IKC)?

Inner Kiddos Club is a collection of 10.000 generative NFTs waiting to be adopted into a new families' wallets. With over 120 traits, each Inner Kiddo is unique, just like their holders.

The Inner Kiddos Club lives, breathes, and develops based on the principles of community governance with a clear mission of making a REAL difference in REAL children's lives through Inner Kiddos Charity Club.

It’s about making positivity louder, unlocking your inner child, and HAVING FUN!

Where can I buy an Inner Kiddos Club NFT?

Minting will take place on our official website and will be used as our secondary marketplace. Please only use the official URL to avoid getting scammed.


When launch & how many Inner Kiddos can I mint?

Pre-sale and Jungle phase mint date is April 10th, 2023.

There is a limit per wallet of 3 kiddos for WL and 100 kiddos for Public mint.

What is the mint price?

The mint price will be 0.01 ETH (+gas) for pre-sale and 0.015 ETH (+gas) for public mint during Jungle Phase. Mint price for Ocean and Moon Phases TBA.

*Prices are subject to change if the price of ETH changes drastically. We love volatility!

What blockchain will the Inner Kiddos Club project be on?

Inner Kiddos Club project will be launching on Ethereum blockchain.

How can I buy an Inner Kiddos Club NFT?
  • Purchase Ethereum (ETH) from your account with a cryptocurrency exchange (we like Coinbase exchange for this part, but there are a variety of options).

  • Install the Metamask extension in your Google Chrome browser and create an Ethereum wallet (or link an existing wallet).

  • Transfer your ETH from Coinbase (or preferred exchange) to your Metamask wallet.

  • Connect your wallet to and press the “MINT” button (double check the URL and make sure it’s 100% correct)

  • Simply approve the transaction in Metamask and you are ready to go!
    NOTE: Make sure you have enough ETH to cover the cost of the NFT + gas fees.

    Gas fees fluctuate due to network activity and are very hard to predict, so adding a bit more ETH to your wallet than you expect to use doesn't hurt.

  • After you mint, you should be able to see your NFT by connecting your wallet to (be patient, blockchain things can sometimes take longer than we’re used to in our advanced digital age).

When will my Inner Kiddos be revealed after minting?

Inner Kiddos will have instant reveal, so as soon as the blockchain finishes the transaction they'll become visible!

How does the community wallet AKA "The Toybox" work?

The Toybox is a collection of NFT assets and crypto whose sole purpose is to reward the IKC community for participation and overall involvement.

Learning NFTs and releasing your inner child takes work! It's not always easy, especially if you've been an adult for a long time. Some lucky holders will be getting some very valuable NFTs from the Toybox as an added perk of being in the Inner Kiddos Club.

It's also a way we can help our members experience creating NFTs and, we hope, help some new NFT artists and creators get their start. How cool to have your NFT creations bought by your friends from IKC?!

What is the Playspace?

The playspace is a gallery of member created work! It's a place where we can highlight people from within our community who are being brave and creating things, unafraid to put their work out into the NFT universe. Sometimes they'll be featured in interviews, put on display, or even promoted within our marketing!

We can't wait to incubate the 1/1 artists of the future, as well as support future project creators!

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